Annonce bourse 2016


Inscription exposant d'auto ancienne sur le site de la bourse de la bourse de créhange

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inscription marchand sur le site de la bourse de la bourse de créhange

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A la Bourse 2016, dans le hall de tennis, dans le cadre de de la course automobile, AR-57 vous présentera un projet d'actualité, la course électrique, de vitesse, a Bonneville aux Etats-Unis, voir aussi :

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The 60th anniversary of Dauphin Renault

The legends of autosport history

Créhange Expo

Saturday10 and Sunday 11 September 2016

Contact: 03 87 93 04 78 –

Organised by AUTO-RETRO 57 –


During two days, friends and family members of historical vehicles can spend time at our exposition admiring classic and dream cars.

You can enjoy the musical performances,let your children enjoy free Quad and carousel rides, or watch them play on the bouncy castle.

As always,you will find a wide selection of meals and cakes to choose from, as well as coffee, wine, lemonade and draft beer.

In our raffle you can win a classic car for2€. But psst! ... The car is still an auto-retro 57 secret!

How to contact us?

    ·Follow the registration instructions on our website This allows you to benefit from free entrance with a vintage car older than 30 years or a prestige vehicle. You will receive meal vouchers for up to 2 people on board.

    ·At the entrance,vintage cars older than 30 years and prestige vehicles with 2 people on board can enter freely and receive a meal voucher until 12pm.

See you soon –

And don’t forget to bring along your good mood and beautiful weather!